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Super fine copper powder from QQNANO is applied to varistor electrode successfully

Font Size: [Big][Mid][Small] 2011-5-5

     Recently, copper electrical paste with supper fine copper powder from QQNANO has been developed successfully to replace silver paste applied to varistor electrode under the joint efforts of domestic relevant research organization and well-known electronic paste companies.

     Since the past half year, the price of silver is increasing incessantly, the production costs of electronic industry have become higher and higher at home and abroad, which brought enormous troubles to the development of electronic industry. As the raw material, copper is rich in its reserves, supply in the world is steady and smaller fluctuation in its price. It is a vital significance to develop copper paste to replace silver paste and the price of copper paste is much lower than silver paste. Compared to the silver paste copper paste has some key faults to be solved, although the price of which is lower than that of silver paste. Only by solving the problems can we develop qualified copper paste to replace silver paste. According to our test, all indexes of copper paste developed by the cooperation of QQNANO, domestic relevant research institute and well-known electronic pastes companies using the copper powders from QQNANO are close to that of silver paste. The success of the supper fine copper powder replaces silver powder not only enhancing the competitiveness of related enterprise but also opening up a new direction of our company products’ application fields.

The graph:Copper electrical paste with supper fine copper

powder made by QQnano has been developed to replace 

silver paste applied to varistor electrode